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Luna's Tale teaches us that one small action can change the world.

"Luna's inspiring example paves the way for readers to become stewards of nature and collaborators in cultivating a more sustainable future." - Kike Calvo


Why should you give the Magical Musical Journey to a loved one?

This is not just a children's story; it's an invitation to explore the transformative power of music. This enchanting tale, with foreword by Grammy Award-winning artist Gilberto Santa Rosa, introduces young readers to the magic of music and encourages them to embark on their own creative journeys

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Created by a National Geographic Certified Educator.

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Kike´s project has donated 18K+ books in remote places.

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Help little explorers into bilinguism.

Environmental Awareness

Fuels imagination and empowers young minds.

¨After reading t, young readers will awaken their curiosity about music, feel its effect, and understand its significance. I invite you to follow in the footsteps of Luna and Alioli through the “Bosquecito” and discover a magical world full of music.¨

— Gilberto Santa Rosa

Singer. Winner of six Grammy Awards.


Why should you give the Girl Who Planted to a loved one?

Give the gift of inspiration and environmental awareness with this captivating bilingual children's book. Plant the seed of a greener future in the heart of a young reader, while sharing an enchanting tale of empowerment and nature's magic.

The Girl Who Planted a Forest

¨No matter what language we use, The Adventures of Luna's message is clear; we have the power to destroy forests but we also have the power to restore them. let's do more of the latter!¨

— Douglas W. Tallamy

Best Selling Author of bringing Nature Home

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About Kike's Work from World-Renowned Experts.

“The children of the world-and little girls in particular-can use a few positive messages that will inspire them to aspire. The Adventures of Pili has many such messages, tucked into a sweet, beautifully illustrated near-to-life narrative like little folded love notes..”

Carl Safina

Bestselling Author & Award

Winning Conservationist

"The Adventures of Pili is a fable of love and friendship, a quest for answers to explain why the birds have lost their colors. At once full of radiance and joy, sadness and loss, the book encourages children to embrace conservation and be kind to the world. Kike has written a beautiful book destined to be beloved by many."

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New York Times Best Selling Author

"Luna's understanding of the

value of trees is prescient. In the

face of massive deforestation

and climate change, Luna's

story reminds us that one person

can make a difference.

Curator Emeritus of the

New York Botanical Garden